Looking after your Linbury.

Our furniture is designed and made to the highest quality. Every item is handcrafted using traditional furniture-making techniques, a great deal of skill goes in to each piece.

Finishing by hand ensures each piece is finished perfectly and is unique to every one of our valued customers. Below are some tips for keeping your item in the best condition and ensuring you don’t void any warranties offered with your products.



Care advice
  • Wood needs a regular rub-down and dust off with a soft cloth. Occasional wiping with a mild, wood-friendly detergent solution will keep it in good condition. Dry with a lint-free cloth.
  • Changes in temperature and humidity make all timber expand and contract. So you might find drawer movement gets stiff in warmer conditions. Using a small amount of candle wax on the door runners will have them operating smoothly again.
  • Each piece of wood has its own unique grain pattern, which means you can sometimes get a slight variation in colour, shading and grain between different products and within the same product. Small splits are a normal feature to all natural wood furniture and will only add to its character.
  • Remove spills from your wooden product straight away using a clean, damp cloth and then dry immediately with a lint-free cloth.
Things to avoid
  • Using polish containing silicone as it can spoil the finish over time.
  • Direct sunlight or heat which can stain, discolour, crack or warp it.
  • Dragging furniture across the floor. It will cause damage to the joints.
  • Leaning backwards on two legs of a chair or stool. It may weaken joints.


Care advice
  • Give it a wipe with clean cloth and buff with a lint-free cloth if needed.
  • Make sure to avoid using metal polishing cloths that might have been used with a metal polish in the past.
Things to avoid
  • Refrain from use of metal polishes, they’ll damage its protective coating.


Care advice
  • Remember to use gentle detergent and avoid chloride-based ones and metal polishes.
  • Our metal table tops are all finished with a light wax but you can add a light layer of clear wax (we like Briwax) every now and then to lock in the lustre.
  • Watermarks and stains from acidic food can be permanent so ensure you use coasters and place mats to avoid this.
  • Note that zinc is a soft metal so it will develop marks and dents over time
Things to avoid
  • Avoid strong sunlight or heat sources as metal products can warp at high temperatures


Care advice
  • Our rugs are handmade using the finest quality wools and should therefore sustain normal wear and tear.
  • If you find the odd loose thread, cut it off with a sharp pair of scissors. If it looks a little fluffy when you first roll it out, that’s just excess fibres that are easily removed with a quick hoover.
  • Use a wool-friendly carpet cleaner on any spills and blot the stain with a clean cloth, don’t rub. For stubborn stains, we recommend a professional clean.
Things to avoid
  • Avoid direct sunlight to prevent the colour fading.


Good to know
  • Most of our fabrics are woven from natural fibres and colours may differ slightly from one batch to another. This is normal and part of what makes them unique. Rest assured though that all our suppliers carry out ongoing visual checks to ensure that nothing too extreme gets through the net.
  • Our fabrics will sustain normal wear and tear.
  • All our upholstered products conform to the very strict UK standards for domestic fire retardancy.
  • From time to time our sofas may have a slight chemical smell when first delivered. This comes from the flame retardant coating used to treat and protect our sofas. This is normal and the smell will soon disappear within a couple of days, although in very rare cases it can take up two weeks.
Keeping it clean
  • For stains or dirt, we recommend you have them professionally cleaned by a certified company who will come to your house. The symbol on the label will tell them which methods to use. The little bar under the circle reminds them that our products need to be treated with a milder process (than standard) to stop shrinkage.If your sofa is fitted with removable covers,
Leather love
  • If you’ve gone for one of our lovely leather pieces, keep it looking perfect by avoiding direct sunlight or subjecting it to intense heat. Blot (don’t rub) spillages with a dry absorbent cloth and don’t use saddle soap or any other speciality cleaning products.


All of our sofas and beds are designed and tested to comply with domestic use UK fire regulations only.
If you have any other questions about product care or anything else please get in touch.

0344 507 0235

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